Each year brings greater demand for power and energy. Falk gearboxes form a key part of the renewable energy industry, as they transmit the kinetic energy absorbed by a wind turbine or hydro turbine to the generator for energy generation.

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With the power industry adapting to new ways to generate power, maintaining wind turbine gears and gearboxes have become an essential part of keeping a power plant online and profitable. As more initiatives rise to stabilize carbon emissions and as the industry begins to turn away from fossil fuels, gearboxes for the power and energy industry will be in high demand.

Three primary drivers are behind the increased growth of the energy industry:

  • Declining cost of the generation of wind power
  • Growing support from governments for renewable energy sources
  • Depleting fossil fuel reserves

Wind power generation is a strong driver of the growth of the power and energy industry. The primary component in wind energy generation is the gearbox in the wind turbine that is used to increase the rotational speed from a low-speed rotor to the high speeds needed for electricity generation.

Increased installation rates for wind and hydro turbines will mean that power industry gearboxes will be in high demand. Alongside with that is the need to make sure that any power generation operation has the right Falk replacement and surplus parts for wind turbine gears and gearboxes.

wind industry power plant
gear reducer for power industry on shelf


Falk gearboxes and gear reducers are perfectly equipped for the power industry. They are:

  • Capable of enduring harsh and variable environmental conditions
  • Adaptable to a variety of applications
  • Able to provide optimal torque
  • Able to achieve the desired speeds needed for energy generation

We have parts on hand to easily replace any cracked, broken, or worn gears so that your turbines can be back in operation as quickly as possible. Any break in the generation of power can be extremely costly. Having a supply of Falk replacement parts can be the difference between a costly slowdown and a minimal disruption.


Power transmission forms an important part of the power industry. Gearboxes are used in a number of places in the power industry, including:

  • In wind turbines for power generation
  • In hydro turbines to convert the movement of water into power
  • In gas turbine electric power generation
  • In thermal power electricity plants

There are a number of different gearbox types that are used in power generation. Bevel gears are used to change the axis of the rotation, and parallel shafts are used to operate the machine at high speed. A high speed turbo system uses planetary gears, and in order to minimize noise and power loss helical gears are used.

The power and energy industry has many uses for Falk gearboxes. While wind and hydro turbines form the primary area of growth for the use of power industry gearboxes, the generators that operate on fossil fuels also require premium gearboxes in order to operate.

photo of wind turbines and hydroelectric power plant


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