4 Benefits of Falk True Hold Low Speed Backstops

Falk offers some of the best low speed backstops in the industry, with the Falk True Hold Low-Speed Backstop being the industry standard. Whenever you are moving materials, you need to have a backstop to prevent disaster should power fail, a motor burn out, or an emergency cable be tripped. Here are just a few of the many benefits of the Falk True Hold Low-Seed Backstop.

1. A Best-In-Class Design

falk-40-years-experienceFalk has over 40 years of industry expertise, giving their low speed backstops a well-deserved reputation for reliability. They offer an instant response stopping mechanism that acts as a fail-safe to prevent any reversal in rotation. This way they can protect your investment in your machinery and keep your workers safe from any sudden reversals. The Falk True Hold Backstop offers more stopping power than any other backstop on the market. 

2. Durable and Long Lasting

Falk backstops also offer a durable and long-lasting design that uses a unique double lip, dual seal system. This allows for the lubrication oil to stay where it is needed most and to ensure the system works smoothly every time. This seal configuration is specifically engineered for a leak-free operation.

Some models include a splash oil circulation, a factory packed grease cavity, and a contamination proof oil sight glass. These features can be modified to fit your needs. With the use of an external grease-purge feature and the use of a premium AirMax Plus Breather, you can prevent contamination of the oil supply from particulate matter or air with high moisture.

3. Diverse Applications

Airport-workers-using-conveyor-belt-for-luggageThe Falk True Hold Low Speed Backstop is configurable for a wide array of operations. These can include:

  • Inclined conveyors
  • Bucket elevators
  • Fans
  • Rotary pumps
  • Kilns

If local safety regulations permit it, they can be used as a backup for a break in these applications. They cannot be used for people conveying systems, like elevators, ski lifts, manlifts, or ski tows. They are not a substitute for a break.

Some industrial applications that you can use a Falk low speed backstop for can include:

  • An inclined conveyor, even if operated at a high angle
  • Bucket elevators for mining, grain power generation, cement or aggregate. 

Contact us today for assistance with choosing the right backstop for your application. 

4. Operates in Many Conditions

The Falk low speed backstop can operate safely within a maximum of 200℉ (93℃). Overheating can be caused by the backstop being enclosed. To prevent overheating, make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Cooling may be necessary for applications that exceed this temperature range. 

Special measures should be taken when operating the backstop in the sun with an ambient temperature over 100℉ to protect the backstop from solar energy. A cover or canopy can be used, or reflective paint. If both options are not feasible, a cooling device, such as a fan may be required to prevent overheating. 

The backstop can also be damaged due to corrosive chemicals or vapors, such as potash dust, chlorine gas, and more. These materials can damage the seals or the aluminum roller cage rings. Special care must be made when operating with these materials. 

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