Does Your Gearbox Supplier Have the Inventory You Need?

Nothing can slow production like a broken part and not having a replacement on hand. Even with an inventory tracking system in place production can be delayed due to lack of surplus inventory. Maintaining your own inventory system can also be costly and time consuming.

A great solution to this problem is vendor-managed inventory. Having real-time inventory visibility allows you insight into the status of your replacement Falk surplus gear reducers and parts. You will always have the exact replacement Falk gearboxes and gear reducers you need on hand. 

What are the Benefits of Working With NW Industrial Sales, LLC?

Relying on your gearbox supplier for inventory management comes with multiple benefits, such as: 

  • The reduction of inventory turnover 
  • Improved forecasting
  • Fewer errors in ordering and order fulfillment
  • Stabilization of your supply chain

By choosing a partner with a large inventory of reducers and parts you can rest easy that the needs of your industrial applications are always met.

About Our Inventory of Gear Reducers, Gearboxes & More

NW Industrial sells Falk gear reducers, gearboxes, and more.

NW Industrial Sales, LLC offers a wide range of products to ensure your operation continues smoothly. We offer products such as backstops, couplings, gear reducers, mixer drives, gearboxes, and more. 

As agents of Rexnord’s Industrial Services division, we have access to a nationwide network of parts as

 well as repair and predictive maintenance services. We can even provide shipments directly from the manufacturer. Plus, we can help find obsolete parts to keep your operation running.

Gear Reducer Inventory

Having the right gear reducer translates to improved efficiency and lower drive costs.

We offer multiple brands of gear reducers, such as Falk, Nuttal, and Foote-Jones. If you’re looking for a particular gear configuration, we have a wide range from concentric and parallel to mixer, shaft-mounted and more.

View parts and products.

Parts Inventory

We have a variety of industrial solutions like couplings, gaskets, backstops, and more. We have one of the largest inventories in the nation ensuring that we can source the right part for your application. 

View our inventory.

Integrate your inventory using a quality gearbox supplier.

Obsolete Units & Parts

As innovations continue in the design and implementation of industrial machinery, it’s not uncommon for a machine’s parts to be discontinued. 

That’s where NW Industrial Sales, LLC comes in. We are experts in sourcing obsolete units and parts to keep your industrial equipment running.  Just because the manufacturer no longer produces the part doesn’t mean that the machine can no longer be maintained. 

Learn more. 

Talk With Your Gearbox & Gear Reducer Supplier

Choose a quality gearbox supplier and work with them to create a plan on integrating your inventory. Take some time to build a relationship with them so you can both be on the same page about your inventory needs and the demands of your business.

Quality Falk Surplus Gear Reducers & Parts for Any Industry

With over 75 years of combined experience, NW Industrial Sales, LLC is committed to helping companies find the right parts for their industrial applications. 

We have the experience serving a diverse array of industries, such as agriculture, mining, oil and gas, and more. With our robust inventory of products we can meet the demands of any application. 

If you would like to learn more or speak with one of our specialists, contact us today. We are available 24/7 to help you.

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