The Expensive Consequences of Gearbox Failure

When a company experiences gearbox failure, they often demand a quick resolution to avoid financial losses or other consequences. Fortunately, as Falk distributors, we rarely encounter issues with their gear drives thanks to their resilient engineering. Regardless, having a dependable repair service in your back pocket is the best way to keep business moving and avoid costly shutdowns like the ones listed here. 

The Unintended Results of Gearbox Failure 

Gearboxes by Falk and gear drives by other brands are designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Still, any motorized part that functions in harsh environments may need maintenance to prevent downtime.

As a Falk gearbox repair servicer and surplus gearing supplier with over decades of experience, we’ve seen failure resulting from a variety of causes. Below are a few reminders of what can happen if you don’t have a plan in place in the event of a gearbox failure. 

Lost Revenue

Based on a recent report, unexpected shutdowns cost industrial manufacturing businesses nearly $50 billion annually. While not every hindrance resulted from a gearbox issue, that number demonstrates the financial burden businesses face if they lack an immediate solution to repair equipment or have the parts needed to fix the machinery themselves. 

Unexpected shutdowns cost industrial manufacturing businesses nearly $50 billion annually.

Supply Chain Troubles

Shutting down means losing valuable production time. Equipment failure during production disrupts the entire supply chain, affecting your clients and consumers downstream. Often, this leads to manufacturing delays that further result in more financial losses.

Reputational Damages

Equipment failures can tarnish a company’s reputation, especially if the loss results in product recalls, quality issues, or worse. Additionally, depending on the industry, equipment failure poses risks to employees and their well-being that are avoidable with routine maintenance. 

More Expensive Repairs 

Performing repairs after a gearbox failure may lead to higher costs and rush fees. Properly storing equipment, scheduling routine maintenance, and following the manufacturer’s best practices are key to avoiding downtime and keeping production moving. 

Tips for Avoiding Gearbox Failure 

As a business specializing in Falk renewal and repair services, we recommend their products because of their longevity and durability. 

Regardless, the unexpected happens. And in our experience, the following tips typically mitigate expensive gearbox failures or open the potential of preventing them. 

Make a Recovery Plan

Falk Gearboxes lead the industry because of their resilience and reputation—that’s why most heavy-duty industries depend on them. Many of our customers experience a gearbox failure that could have been prevented. Create a mitigation strategy and checklists covering routine maintenance and with contact information if you work with a sales and repair vendor. 

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Partner with a Falk Repair Expert

As a Rexnord Industrial Services partner, our experts specialize in Falk gearbox repairs. Having a professional technician regularly service and inspect your gearing. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to get ahead of expensive equipment failures. 

Know Where to Get Replacement Parts 

Industrial businesses face many challenges, and we understand the frustrations of finding a specific part when you need it most. We make things easy by offering a vast inventory of new and used Falk gearing, including surplus gear reducers. If you don’t see the part you’re after, we invite you to contact us

NW Industrial Sales LLC: Falk Gearbox Repair Experts 

Here are a few ways we keep businesses moving with our Falk repair services: 

  • Bearing replacement
  • Services for lubrication issues
  • Correcting misalignment problems
  • Spin and housing pressure tests
  • And other repair needs for gearboxes

We also know it’s not just about fixing machines and replacing parts—it’s about establishing trust with customers and delivering exceptional service. If you’re facing issues with your gear drive or need a specific part, we invite you to speak with a specialist to determine a solution. Contact us today.  

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