What is the Function of an Industrial Gearbox?

Industrial gearboxes regulate the energy output of motors and are used in a variety of manufacturing and processing applications. Since they are highly durable, you can rely on industrial gear drives to keep critical pieces of machinery running in order to meet production and shipping deadlines. 

Industrial gearboxes are used to alter the torque, speed, and direction between a shaft and motor. Not only do they help optimize a motor’s performance, but gearboxes also increase precision in applications like robotics. Falk gearboxes are the most rugged brand and renowned for their craftsmanship and longevity. 

Gearboxes keep critical pieces of machinery running in order to meet production and shipping deadlines.

What are Falk Industrial Gearboxes Used For? 

Gear drives accomplish similar jobs across the board:

  • Regulate the rotating speed and power of a motor 
  • Transmit power from a motor to precision tools  
  • Alter the torque of industrial motors 
  • Change the direction that a gear spins 

What are the Key Components of Industrial Gearboxes? 

While gearboxes are used in industries as diverse as agriculture and shipping, they all contain the same basic components


Gears come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter their intended use, all gears help transmit power between different motor shafts. Larger gears with more teeth have higher torque, yet lower overall output speeds. 


Bearings help support rotating shafts in motors. As such, bearings keep the shaft in place and help ensure that power is efficiently transferred across the system. There are many types of bearings used in different motors and gear drives—some being more complex than others. 


Industrial gearboxes are integrated with a variety of seals that help contain oil. Due to the heavy industrial applications of gear drives, seals also keep dirt, grime, and water from entering the gearbox and damaging the machine. 

5 Industries That Rely on Gear Reducers

Gearboxes are used in a wide variety of industrial settings to optimize the performance and output of motors. 

1) Pulp & Paper 

Industrial gearboxes are used in several important steps in the paper manufacturing process. Producers use gear drives in paper machine dryers, web-fed printing presses, packaging machinery, and pulp processing equipment.

2) Oil & Gas  

Gear drives serve important roles across the oil and gas industry. For example, industrial gearboxes are used in machines that convert crude oil into millions of dollars worth of gasoline and diesel fuel each day. 

3) Mining 

Gear reducers help keep heavy-duty mining equipment operational in the harshest of environments. Gear drives are integrated with mining equipment in several key ways, including belt conveyors, bucket wheels, and cutting heads. 

4) Agriculture 

From prepping a field for planting to harvest and packaging, farms can’t operate without the right equipment. Gear drives are critical components that keep agricultural machines working so food can be produced. 

5) Marine 

From massive shipping barges to car ferries, gearboxes aid power systems on vessels in the marine industry. Most importantly, boats utilize gear drives in high-revving engines to regulate the speed of the propeller.

There are a variety of industries that depend on high-performing gearboxes, including agriculture, mining, marine, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and more.

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