Gearboxes Play a Crucial Role in Maritime Industry Success

As the offshore and marine industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it will need to streamline operations to limit the impact of such events in the future. Therefore, technology and efficiency will play a vital role in success going forward. 

At the same time, continued supply chain delays and equipment shortages mean that vital components like surplus parts and industrial gearboxes could be difficult to source.

Here is a closer look at the cutting-edge changes coming to the marine industry and how shipping companies can keep vital components on hand to make swift repairs and stay ahead of any challenges that arise. 

Increased Use Tech for Sustainable, Streamlined Operations

Data analytics and algorithm-based automation have become commonplace in many industries, and the offshore and marine sector is no exception. 

Gearboxes reduce energy costs by allowing ships to use smaller motors.

Tech will touch every aspect of shipping. For example, tracking devices and container management software can be combined to plan the layout of boxes on a container ship. This could help avoid scenarios such as placing containers with flammable materials next to one another, therefore significantly reducing fire risks.

Moving forward, the industry will also focus more on sustainability. Consumers have shown that they are willing to pay more for products with a lower carbon footprint. Brands are seeking to deliver this, putting pressure on everyone along the supply chain and in the manufacturing industry to “green” their operations. 

Tech advances used for route planning, efficiency performance, and scheduling can have the dual impact of reducing operating costs and creating a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly industry. 

For shipping, advanced technology can play a role in finding the best routes and calculating optimal load size, but the behind-the-scenes components that drive the industry are also essential. Marine operations rely on Falk gearbox reducers, which help diesel engines drive propellers. 

These components reduce energy costs by allowing ships to use smaller motors. This is essential to lower the fuel consumption of high-revving engines needed to push ship propellers forward. By multiplying torque and matching inertia, these gearboxes are able to maintain a high efficiency level. 

Falk gearbox distributors can certainly aid the marine industry’s sustainability efforts. That said, the offshore and marine industry must also overcome another challenge: parts availability. 

Companies Build Inventories of Surplus Gearboxes & Parts

Reduce downtime and save money with surplus parts.Supply chain delays are continuing to hamper the shipping industry. Increased demand has led to longer load times and clogged ports. This affects shipping company operations, but it also hampers the ability to get necessary repair and replacement parts quickly. If a vessel needs new gear reducers and parts that are not on hand, the result is frustrating and costly delays. 

Repair-related delays can be remedied by maintaining an inventory of surplus gearbox parts. This is especially important if your vessels rely on obsolete parts, which can be especially difficult to source on short notice. 

With components like Falk surplus gearboxes at the ready, a ship can make repairs or upgrades during its wait in port and be ready to sail without any additional delays. 

You Can Rely On Our Falk Gearbox Distributors

Marine and offshore companies need to act before repair emergencies arise. The first step in growing an inventory of vital components like Falk gearbox reducers and related parts is finding a reliable source. 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC has a vast inventory of Falk gearbox parts as well as a wide selection of hard-to-find and obsolete components that are no longer available from other sources. 

Thanks to our strong industry experience, we know the types of components vessels need to keep sailing, so you will certainly find what you are looking for from within our inventory. 

Contact us today or browse our selection of parts and components to find what you need to build your inventory. 

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