Can Investing in Falk Surplus Gearboxes Help the Environment?

As a Rexnord Industrial Services agent, we choose Falk gearboxes because they set the industry standard for excellence thanks to their durability and innovative engineering. These characteristics not only position them as prime assets for use in heavy-duty machinery, but also make them environmentally-friendly choices for those looking to go green.

That’s why more industrial businesses embrace lean manufacturing. We wanted to learn more about this topic, so we asked our Falk repair service team to define it and clarify if investing in surplus gearboxes can positively impact the environment. Let’s take a look.

What is Lean Manufacturing? 

Broadly, lean manufacturing occurs when a company wants to maximize customer value while minimizing waste, pollution, and engineering inefficiencies. In relation to gearboxes, folks can reuse and repair industrial equipment to curb environmental impact instead of outright replacing it.

For example, Chalmers University of Technology found that remanufacturing a gearbox can reduce the global warming potential by 36% (measured in CO2-equivalent emissions) compared to producing a new one. In this case, repairing a gearbox or buying used is an act of lean manufacturing via the circular economy—a process of keeping products in use through maintenance and recycling.

Remanufacturing a gearbox can reduce the global warming potential by 36% compared to producing a new one.

The Sustainable Advantages of Falk Gearboxes

We’re encouraged to see more manufacturers and industrial companies embrace sustainability. And while those measures may mean adopting new policies or implementing different technologies, more folks are switching to Falk because they offer environmental benefits, such as:

  • Less waste
  • Reduced resource consumption 
  • Decreased emissions 
  • Improved efficiency 

To build on those points, our technicians shared a few primary ways Falk gearboxes help the environment. 

Gearboxes Are Designed to Last 

Longer-lasting products like Falk gearboxes are more sustainable for a variety of reasons. For starters, their speed reducers power some of the world’s most impressive machinery and lead the industry in longevity. In turn, their extended shelf life elevates sustainability by allowing them to be used to their fullest extent without replacement.

Gearboxes Promote Sustainability Through Efficiency 

Efficiency minimizes adverse environmental consequences by utilizing the least resources. As it relates to our topic, a higher-efficiency rated gearbox requires less power consumption by using a smaller motor to improve productivity and lower carbon emissions. This is accomplished  in the following ways

  • Reducing input speed and controlling output speed for better operational efficiency
  • Leveraging speed reduction to enhance accuracy and avoid errors
  • Maintaining safe and manageable operating rates to prolong the life of the equipment

Two wind turbines in green rolling hills next to a small farm.

Gearboxes Are Reusable 

Plenty of folks buy used or renewed Falk speed reducers primarily to save money. In addition to the cost savings, repurposing a gearbox has the added benefit of reducing the need to harvest more raw materials, thus minimizing waste and decreasing CO2 emissions.

They Can Be Repaired & Restored 

Falk products can be repaired and refurbished rather than replaced. Remember, a key part of the circular economy is to keep machinery in use longer through routine maintenance. As gearbox technicians, we appreciate how much proper care extends the life of a speed reducer without needing a replacement 

Connect With Our Falk Gear Reducer Suppliers

If you’re asking yourself, what is the future of gearboxes? Falk’s alignment with lean manufacturing and the discussed environmental advantages mean they’re here for the long haul. 

For businesses considering Falk gearboxes as a means to reduce their ecological footprint, we offer an expansive inventory of new and refurbished gearboxes, including rare parts and other hard-to-find items. We also provide expert repair and renewal services for those looking to go green by extending the life of their Falk gearing. 

We invite you to contact us to discover the difference a world-class gearbox makes. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you. 

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