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Your production and maintenance activities may be delayed or even halted if you do not efficiently manage your spare parts inventory. Over time, older parts become outdated when vendors release updated versions. 

Finding obsolete equipment parts and products can be complicated, requiring industry expertise. The team at NW Industrial Sales, LLC has over 75 years of combined experience supplying quality obsolete parts for equipment and machinery

In this article, we will take you through the various ways equipment and machinery parts become phased out and how we can help you find parts and products you might need for your application.

How Do Parts & Products Become Obsolete?

Obsolescence is one of the top problems manufacturers face today.

Obsolescence is one of the top problems manufacturers face today. It may occur due to innovation, safety concerns, or new legislation, among other causative factors. However, innovation is a key factor here because it is the main driver of change in the design and availability of equipment.

Innovations in machinery and equipment invariably result in older models becoming outdated. Furthermore, manufacturers may improve parts of existing equipment because of safety concerns. They then recommend against the use of old versions. This renders the older versions outmoded.

There is also a constant demand for improvements. In addition, regulatory bodies require manufacturers to satisfy the requirement of regularly updating and improving the equipment they produce. 

In all of these situations, we will help you avoid downtime and maintain profitability by finding the parts you need, including Falk products such as gearboxes, surplus gearboxes, surplus gear reducers, and industrial gearboxes. We will also ensure that it is the correct fit for your application.

Another problem faced by manufacturers is the diminishing lifetime of components. Consider an equipment manufacturer who has created a device in a location such as the sea bed. In such a location, the device’s reliability is required for many years or even decades after installation. 

The device is embedded with electronic components meant to have a long working life. The need to replace worn-out parts increases as the life cycle of the embedded components shrinks. The manufacturer is then faced with the dilemma of either replacing the parts for this device or completely changing the device itself.

Benefits of Partnering With NW Industrial Sales, LLC 

Locating replacement parts often proves to be the more cost-effective option. This does not have to be a difficult task, provided the expertise and experience are available. This is where partnering with NW Industrial Sales, LLC becomes necessary. As an obsolete parts distributor, we have a large inventory and can find parts for older equipment that has been phased out.

As an obsolete parts distributor, we have a large inventory and can find parts for older equipment that has been phased out.
Managing spare parts inventory consumes resources and takes up valuable time. Developing proactive solutions is a much better option. We will work with you to create a proper plan for your spare parts inventory.

Predicting spare parts demand is challenging. If the need for a spare part is less than was previously projected, your stock may become out-of-date before all the elements in your inventory are used. Our team will help you manage your inventory more efficiently.

For example, we can help you prepare ahead of time so that you can replace spare parts during your regular maintenance. We will also help you with stocking up on critical items so your company can save money, stay on schedule, and avoid catastrophic downtime.

Supplier of Surplus Gearboxes, Obsolete Parts & More

NW Industrial Sales is the top supplier of surplus gearboxes, obsolete parts, and more. As a full-line Falk distributor for various industries, we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This means that the parts we source are specifically developed for your machine. 

We will also help proactively manage your equipment inventory so your operation can run consistently without downtime. We are available 24 hours a day for inquiries. 

Contact us at 503-468-0454 to speak with a member of our team.


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