What is a Falk Parallel Gearbox?

You’ve probably encountered a parallel gearbox if you’re an electromechanical engineer, had a job with equipment requiring motorized power, driven a car, or just by being around machinery in your everyday life. 

Parallel gearboxes work by transmitting mechanical energy from an electric motor to an endpoint—or endpoints—through helical, spur, or other gear types and components. Those gears send power and torque through side-by-side, parallel shafts for more speed control or power reduction. 

A variety of industries rely on gear drives to improve equipment and job efficiency, so let’s move forward by defining how we use them before exploring a few use cases and their benefits. 

What is a Parallel Gearbox Used For? 

Falk parallel gearboxes are the go-to choice for those looking for a gear drive that can deliver continuous output at high torque and horsepower. 

In addition, they come in various sizes and ratios, making them useful for industrial, medical, automotive, mining, and other engineering purposes that require a more compact design with better control. 

As a Rexnord Industrial Services partner specializing in Falk products and surplus gearboxes, we partner with an assortment of industries to repair or find parts used to manage: 

  • Conveyor belts
  • Fuel pumps
  • Automotive parts like drive shafts and clutches
  • Medical equipment 
  • And various other manufacturing and industrial applications 

These are just a few applications in which parallel shaft reducers and other gear drives are used.

Falk parallel gearboxes are selected for high torque and high horsepower applications.

Industries That Depend on Falk Parallel Gearboxes 

We’ve provided our expertise in the industrial space by serving clients across a diverse portfolio to ensure their equipment runs at peak efficiency and they avoid costly manufacturing downtime. Let’s examine a few specific industries to demonstrate their usefulness further. 

Pulp & Paper Industry

The machinery used in facilities producing everyday paper products demands individual parts and unique needs. We support the paper industry by providing Falk surplus gearboxes and offering gearbox repair services for paper machine dryers, web-fed offset printing presses, and other high-performance equipment. 

Manufacturing Industry

It’s challenging to find a manufacturer that doesn’t depend on parallel gearboxes for production purposes, whether they’re powering conveyor belts or motorized equipment. In many cases, we’ve partnered with companies to provide surplus gearing and parts for specific machinery as well as support through our gearbox repair services. 

Mining Industry

Safety and dependability are vital to the mining industry’s success. Experts in this space turn to us for Falk parallel shaft reducers that can handle heavy loads and intense environmental conditions while delivering the torque and power needed to do the job correctly. 

The Power & Energy Industry

Parallel gearboxes have become a standard in this industry because they are adaptable and can deliver the speeds needed to generate energy. We often provide gear reducers or industrial gearbox repair services for wind, gas, and power turbines, among various other power plant equipment. 

Advantages of Falk parallel gearboxes include high efficiency and high-torque output and continuous application with minimal energy loss.

The Benefits of Falk Parallel Gearboxes

We’re always amazed by the adaptability and usefulness of gearboxes, so let’s look at their advantages. 

The benefits include: 

  • Compact design
  • High efficiency and high-torque output
  • Continuous application with minimal energy loss
  • Repairable and replaceable 
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Dependability and longevity 

Your Industrial Falk Gearbox Supplier & Repair Experts

Given their usefulness and ubiquity, any industrial business needs a resource to find, fix, or renew a parallel gearbox to avoid costly shutdowns and equipment failure. This is particularly true for manufacturers using obsolete parts or OEM equipment that demands individualized solutions. 

As a Rexnord Industrial Services steward specializing in surplus gearboxes, we provide nationwide distribution of Falk products and other quality parts to keep your operation in the right gear. We’d love to hear from you if you need industrial gearbox repair and renewal services or require a specific gear or speed reducer

Contact us to learn more about our services and inventory to keep your operation in the right gear. 

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