5 FAQs About Falk Surplus Gearboxes & Reducers

Falk has a well-earned reputation for quality gearboxes and gear reducers. With a history spanning well over 100 years, Falk parts are still an industry standard and used in “everything from conveyor belts and elevators to the gates of the Panama Canal, naval propellers of World War II battleships, and even moon rocket transporters and nuclear reactor cases.”

Today we’ll take a look at some of the most common FAQs about Falk gear reducers and parts. 

What is the History of the Falk Corporation?

Founded in Milwaukee in 1893 by Herman Falk, the history of the company includes producing wagon couplings and railway parts, developing a process called “cast welding.” In 1899 Falk entered the gear manufacturing industry, quickly gaining a reputation as “America’s leading producer of industrial gear drives”.

In 2005, Rexnord Corporation purchased Falk, allying two industrial powerhouses and ensuring Falk’s signature quality.

What Are the Uses of Falk Gearboxes & Gear Reducers?

A gear reducer is used when an application needs to regulate speed.

When an application needs to regulate the speed at which power is transmitted, a gear reducer is used. 

A common and familiar use of a gearbox is in the transmission of the car, which modulates the speed of the car by taking the power generated by the engine to increase and decrease the torque. Controlling the speed of a machine is important for a wide range of applications, from conveyor belts to propellers to mining and manufacturing equipment.

What Industries Use Falk Gearboxes?

A wide range of industries rely on Falk products, including:


The mining industry uses drive belts for underground mining conveyors, drive bucket wheels in open-pit mining, and in the cutter heads of roadheaders.

Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry uses gearboxes and gear reducers in applications like paper machine dryers, packaging machinery, pulp processing machinery, and web-fed printing presses.

Falk gear reducers are used in many industries, like mining, oil and gas, and more.


The offshore and marine industry is diverse, but a commonality is the use of Falk reducers for regulating a ship’s power system and the speed of the propeller. 

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, reliability is critical in order to prevent downtime. Oil and gas pumps rely on gearboxes that can endure environmental stressors, like dust and extreme temperatures.

Power & Energy

Transmissions are an important part of the power and energy industry. For example, in wind turbines a transmission’s gearbox is used to translate the variable low speed input from the wind to the generator.

What Are the Benefits of Falk Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts?

Falk gearboxes offer a huge array of benefits to a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Increased torque
  • Matched inertia
  • Speed reduction
  • Maximum efficiency

They are capable of:

  • Enduring harsh environments
  • Achieving target output speeds 
  • Adapting to a variety of applications

Why Choose Falk Surplus Gear Reducers?

Companies that have surplus Falk parts on hand can be confident knowing their operations can run smoothly despite any unforeseen breakdowns in equipment.

Falk gearbox and gear reducers are a great complement to a spare parts management program. Their reliability allows for easy planning for preventative action to ensure minimum downtime and maximum production. 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC: The Go-To for Falk Gear Reducers

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