5 FAQs About Industrial Gearbox Repair

If the gearboxes on your manufacturing line or in your engine room aren’t working properly, they could cause problems with your overall productivity and lead to costly downtime. 

As leaders in industrial gearbox supply and repair, NW Industrial Sales, LLC often receives questions on how to service and fix Falk gearboxes. Whether you are researching repair costs or want to know if you can fix older equipment, the answers to these common questions will help guide your way. 

1) What are Gearboxes Used For? 

Gearboxes are used in heavy-industrial settings to reduce or increase the speed of motors. 

Also referred to as “gear drives” and “gear reducers,” they are used in a diverse array of heavy industrial operations including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and shipping. When in use, they change shaft speed from a constant speed power source or provide torque increase for variable speed power. Falk gearboxes are immensely popular due to their craftsmanship and durability. 

2) Is it Possible to Repair Damaged Gearboxes?

Even with the most compromised components, it may be possible to get damaged gear drives working again. Yet, not every manufacturer and supplier has the expertise needed and parts on hand to get your gear drives operational again. 

When you work with a gear drive repair service, they should have the knowledge and spare components available to get your Falk gearboxes quickly up and running. We offer an array of Falk gear drive system repairs, including worn part replacement, damaged assembly restoration, and much more. 

Repair services can restore your gearbox's performance at a cost that is far less than replacement.

3) What Types of Gearboxes Can Be Repaired? 

From old gear drives with discontinued OEM parts to the most modern versions, parts can be repaired with the right expertise and mechanisms. 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC has experience repairing nearly every type of industrial gear reducer, including concentric, parallel, right angle, and shaft mount gear drives. We know exactly how both high and low-speed shaft extensions are engineered and can diagnose and correct common problems with these different designs. 

4) How are Gearboxes Restored? 

There are a number of different ways repair and renew specialists restore gear reducers.

For example, they can: 

  • Rebuild systems to original OEM specifications
  • Replace bearings, gears, and pinions with high-quality Tier 1 and AGMA 13 parts 
  • Replace seals in the gear with original or better quality, based on improvements in seal materials
  • Conduct magnetic particle inspections, dynamic spin tests, and housing pressure tests 
  • Dip housing in chemicals to prevent future failures 
  • Repaint according to original Falk or customer specifications 

Gearboxes can be rebuilt to original OEM specifications.

No matter how outdated or damaged your gear drive is, following these processes can ensure your machinery is up and running again. 

5) Can You Fix Outdated or Discontinued Falk Gearbox Parts? 

If gear reducers play an important role in the productivity of your business, then it is definitely worth replacing or fixing. 

Only extremely specialized repair services and suppliers like NW Industrial Sales, LLC have the ability to service outdated and discontinued Falk gearboxes. Even if your drive systems are no longer supported by their original manufacturers, our expert team can get them working again. Even better, our team is able to improve the functionality of an older gear drive by updating it with new parts that simply weren’t available when it was first made. 

Expert Falk Gearbox Repair & Renew Services

From manufacturing lines to mining operations, your business is only as strong as its weakest gear drive or component. No matter how well maintained your industrial equipment might be, the time will come when a gear reducer fails and needs to be repaired. 

As one of the top gearbox repair and supply services in the nation, NW Industrial Sales, LLC has 75 years of combined experience. Additionally, as agents of Rexnord’s Industrial Services division, we have access to a nationwide network for repair and maintenance services. 

Contact us today to learn about our products and services.  

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