Falk Gearboxes: Engineered for the Challenges of Heavy-Duty Applications

When it comes to machinery with heavy-duty applications, where power and torque are paramount, gearboxes emerge as crucial components that enable machinery to function efficiently and reliably. From construction equipment to industrial machinery, gearboxes play a pivotal role in transmitting power and adapting torque to suit the demanding requirements of these applications.

As certified agents for Rexnord’s Industrial Services, we offer new, used, renewed, and rebuilt Falk gear reducers that help industries succeed. 

Learn how and why Falk gearboxes have become the industry standard for heavy-duty applications. 

Falk Gearboxes: The Industry Standard Since 1892

Herman Falk established a strong reputation by engineering reliable and high-quality gearboxes in 1892 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since then, the product line has expanded and continues to deliver the gold standard in precision gearing by always providing reliable and resilient industrial parts. 

In 2005, Rexnord—a global mechanical power transmission parts manufacturer—acquired Folk Corp. They continue to manufacture high-quality gearboxes at their 48-acre gear campus in Milwaukee while maintaining the reputation, grade, and customer service that put Falk on the map over a hundred years ago. 

Industries rely on Falk gearboxes to reduce downtime and achieve peak efficiency.

How Falk Set the Standard for Excellence

We can’t understate the resilience and dependability of these gearboxes, which is why we became a Falk parts distributor. They keep dozens of heavy-duty industries like mining and agriculture moving by offering a solution that efficiently transfers power and torque under even the most rigorous conditions. 

Here are a few examples of applications that rely on gear reducers: 

  • Bucket elevators
  • Conveyor belts
  • Pumps
  • Diesel generators 
  • Clutches and drive shafts
  • Wind, hydro, and gas turbines
  • And a variety of other industrial machinery 

We’ve served the following industries that function in demanding environments by offering new or used Falk parts and repair services

  • Agriculture and grain
  • Oil and gas
  • Power and energy 
  • Mining 
  • Offshore and marine 
  • And many more

To learn more about us, explore our industries page to discover additional use cases. 

NW Industrial, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction and offers support to clients 24/7.

The Benefits of Falk Gearing

Now that you know how Falk gearing is utilized, let’s highlight additional benefits to further illustrate why they’ve become an industry standard. Advantages include: 

  • Established reputation: They’ve established themselves as a leader in their space for being the best at what they do by providing dependable gearing for over 100 years.  
  • Made to last: The ruggedness of Falk means their gearboxes can withstand even the most demanding jobs and the harshest environments. 
  • Versatile design: Falk gearboxes provide adaptable solutions that allow users to optimize by the gear ratio and power configuration and achieve desired output speeds.  
  • Efficient performance: Falk parts provide optimal torque and power to keep applications running at peak performance. 
  • Accessible repairs: We offer expert repair and maintenance services to ensure your Falk gearing continues to deliver optimal results. 
  • Customer support: NW Industrial Sales, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction and offers support to clients 24/7. 

Falk New & Used Gearboxes for Any Industry 

Do you need to replace or upgrade a Falk part? We are a nationwide distributor of Falk gearing and speed reducers with a large inventory curated to keep your industrial machinery going. We also offer Falk gearbox repair services if you need a tune-up or more robust restorations. 

If you need specific gearing or an individualized solution, we invite you to contact our experts

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