What is a Right Angle Falk Gearbox?

Right angle gearboxes are similar to parallel gear reducers. Both machines are enclosed in protective housing and use different helical or bevel gears and shafts to change the direction of power with precision. They also come in different ratios at high and low shaft arrangements. 

A key difference is the degree to which the shaft angle is set and its applications. Instead of running side-by-side like a parallel gear reducer, Falk right angle gearboxes are positioned at a 90-degree angle—hence the name. 

As Falk distributors, we’ve partnered with various industrial industries to find both options to maximize efficiency and keep heavy-duty machinery going. Looking for excellent quality speed reducers? Take a look at our robust inventory.

What Does a Right Angle Gear Drive Do? 

Falk has become the gold standard for industrial gearing by manufacturing right angle gear drives that transmit power and adapt torque to suit the demanding needs of most uses. Its smaller size also allows them to fit in most machinery. 

Its orientation is perfect for minimizing bending when using a large drive for applications, like mixing or crushing, and if you need gearboxes for tight spaces. But it also allows for the following:

  • More torque
  • Efficient control and precision
  • Safer operation

Falk's right angle gearbox design can meet any operational challenge.

5 Benefits of Right Angle Gear Drives

As Falk surplus gearbox suppliers, we’re always impressed with their products. Below are just a few advantages our customers appreciate: 

1) Compact design: Right angle speed reducers maximize space where a 90-degree directional shift is needed, making them adaptable to most conditions.

2) High-torque: Their raised torque power means gearing can handle heavy workloads, allowing them to transmit power even for precise requirements. 

3) Efficient: Falk’s right angle gearboxes are engineered to provide reliable performance through speed reduction to maximize efficiency. 

4) Low noise: Falk gearing produces low vibrations, which makes machinery run more quietly. 

5) Resilient: Right angle speed reducers are corrosion-resistant and durable, allowing them to last longer even under the most rugged industrial environments. 

Industries Rely on Falk Gearboxes

Heavy-duty industrial companies use Falk’s right angle gearboxes because their rugged design can meet any operational challenge. 

What’s more, Falk has become the top speed reducer manufacturer by offering the best gearing to the following industries: 


Through extensive work in this field, we’ve provided custom solutions and Falk repair services to meet unique requirements within this space.


Falk gearboxes are designed to confront the challenges of any mining operation to ensure every job runs smoothly. 

Paper & Pulp 

Our experience has allowed us to supply gearing that effectively addresses this industry’s specific demands. 

Oil & Gas

Gearboxes are vital components of a refinery operation, serving a critical role in the machines that convert crude oil into gasoline and diesel fuel.

Keep in mind that we also help a variety of other industries with new and used Falk gearing as well as repair services. Visit our Industries page to learn about more industries we serve.

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