How to Choose Your Industrial Gearbox Repair Specialist

Industrial gearbox repair may not be front of mind for equipment and operations managers. However, these components often run at extremely high temperatures and operate continuously. A reliable maintenance plan significantly reduces downtime should complications arise from these rugged conditions. 

Maintenance can include replenishing or changing gear lubricants, which can eventually break down due to heat exposure as well as changing gears or other worn gearbox parts. Not only should a professional gearbox repair service be able to handle these regular maintenance tasks, but they should also have an understanding of your industry and the impact of equipment downtime.

Minimize the impact of equipment downtime with an expert gearbox repair specialist.

Here’s what to consider when selecting an industrial gearbox repair service.

4 Questions to Ask a Gearbox Repair Company

Asking a gearbox repair and renew specialist these questions will offer insights into the repair provider’s experience, availability, access to necessary parts, and more.

1) What are Their Repair Capabilities?

The first item on your checklist should be ensuring the repair service can fix the specific equipment you use. Not only should they be capable of repairs, but they should also have technicians experienced in dealing with the applications you rely on for your operations.

At NW Industrial Sales, LLC, we work with the nationwide network of Rexnord’s Industrial Services. This partnership allows us to offer services like universal driveshaft and clutch repair, maintenance and repair solutions for gearboxes, and more. Our expert team is capable of handling all gearbox maintenance and repairs, so companies don’t have to work with a variety of businesses to get the help they need when they need it.

2) Do They Have Access to Obsolete Parts & OEM Components?

Combat supply chain disruptions by having access to OEM and obsolete parts.

Repair specialists should have access to parts needed to replace components in older machines. Yes, it is possible to find obsolete parts from different distributors. However, ongoing supply chain disruptions can cause extended downtime while you wait for the right component.

At NW Industrial Sales, LLC, we have access to a wide variety of obsolete parts and surplus gearboxes. We can ensure you have the right inventory to replace necessary components quickly to avoid extended offline periods. 

As agents of Rexnord’s Industrial Services division, we also have access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Our robust parts inventory allows our clients to avoid extended wait times due to possible supply chain disruptions.

3) Do They Understand Your Industry?

Every industry has unique equipment repair needs. For example, some issues, such as gears clogged with dust or debris, may be unique to specific industries, such as oils and gas or mining.

NW Industrial Sales, LLC has over 75 years of combined experience in different industries that rely on industrial gearbox products. We provide

 customized solutions unique to each application. Our areas of expertise include mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, grain, energy, offshore and marine, power and energy, and more.

4) Are They Available 24/7?

Industrial equipment needs to keep running outside of regular office hours. It’s imperative to work with a repair and renew specialist who is available when you need them.

At NW Industrial Sales, we are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers onsite. We also offer field analysis, drive upgrades, vibration analysis, and full load tests in addition to our standard Falk gear repair services. We can even service gear drive systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Contact Our Gearbox Repair & Renewal Experts

NW Industrial Sales, LLC checks every box on your list of necessary gearbox repair specialist qualities. 

In addition to expertise in different industries that use gearboxes and Falk gearbox parts, we can assist your efforts to build an inventory of obsolete and OEM parts, such as surplus gearbox reducers.

Visit our website to check out our inventory or contact us to learn more about our repair and renewal services.

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