Maximizing Reliability: Key Steps in Industrial Gearbox Repair & Renewal

To prevent costly interruptions, it’s crucial to prioritize the consistent operation of your industrial machinery. That’s why an increasing number of businesses are teaming up with professional technicians to ensure their operations stay on track.

As a Falk gearbox repair provider and agents of Rexnord’s Industrial Services division, we pride ourselves on supporting our partners from start to finish, whether we’re renewing a speed reducer or fixing one outright. Continue reading to learn more about our work. 

The Importance of Partnering with a Falk Gearbox Repair Team 

Falk speed reducers became the gold standard for industrial gearing by delivering a solution engineered with elevated craftsmanship and world-class parts. Here, we use our decades of expertise to ensure the renewed gearbox meets or exceeds its original state and operates as intended when returned to service. What’s more, we also have access to various obsolete parts and surplus gearboxes that typically aren’t available elsewhere. 

Falk Gearbox Repair & Renewal Services

Here are some ways our gearbox motor suppliers guarantee that gearing systems return to optimal condition and performance.

Falk gearbox repair and renewal services include bearing replacement, seal replacement, remanufacturing, testing, reassembly, and more.Bearing Renewal & Replacement

During this step, our Falk technicians use Tier 1 bearings to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Doing so allows us to elevate your speed reducer’s performance, longevity, and load distribution, among other advantages.

Lubrication & Seal Replacement 

We drain old lubricants and oils from the unit and replace both based on Falk’s recommendations and your application. We also replace all seals to prevent leaks and mitigate contamination or future issues. 

Remanufacturing & Reconditioning

Our expertise allows us to remanufacture shafts, housings, and other components. In some cases, we may use specialized reconditioning techniques, such as precision grinding, honing, or plating, to recondition components to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Testing & Quality Control

A Falk technician also performs comprehensive testing under various load conditions, such as dynamic spin tests, housing pressure tests, and oil circulation with filtration to prevent contamination of lubrication. In addition to our standard services, we may also perform field analysis, vibration analysis, and full load tests. 

Reassembly & Additional Assistance 

We’ll carefully reassemble the unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and torque specifications. We’ll then make adjustments based on the alignment and load requirements to ensure your gearbox meets the application’s needs. We can also prepare the gearbox for long-term storage

Learn more about our repair and renewal services.A Certified Falk Gearbox Motor Supplier & Repair Team 

Throughout the process, strict quality control measures are followed while we leverage the expertise of technicians to ensure your gearbox meets or exceeds OEM standards.  

To connect with our team, simply fill out our contact form or call us directly at 503-468-0454.

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