Gearbox Repair: Damage From Long-Term Storage

Falk continues to manufacture the most resilient and best gearboxes on the market. Still, improper storage of any heavy-duty equipment may lead to issues requiring repair or restoration services to extend a machine’s life. 

Ready to learn how improper long-term storage can lead to gearbox damage? Let’s start there and then highlight how to properly store a gear drive. 

How Improper Long-Term Storage May Lead to Issues

As Falk new and used product distributors, we appreciate the longevity and durability of their products. And while it’s rare, some folks forget to follow the manufacturer’s best practices on how to store a gearbox properly and leave them in unsuitable conditions for extended periods. 

Improperly storing any hardware opens the potential for issues. That’s why knowing what happens to machinery when it’s stored in unfit places can help you avoid damage. 

Here are a few reasons folks send their Falk gearboxes to us for repairs: 


Extended exposure to moisture or humid conditions may impact the gearing, shafts, and other metal parts. This causes performance issues and other damages that need repairing. 

Lubrication Issues & Degrading Seals

The lubricant in a speed reducer can drain or dry in the unit when not attended to for long periods. High temperatures and high exposure to UV lighting could also deteriorate seals. Both instances may impact the longevity of a gearbox and increase friction when used. 

General Contamination

Storing anything for months to years opens the potential for equipment to attract dust, be exposed to moisture, and more. Remember to protect Falk gearing from different exposures by keeping equipment safe when not in use and away from unwanted particles. 

Physical Damage

Any knocks or falls could result in causing internal damage or misalignment. These mishaps could also cause cracked teeth on the gears, rattle the bearings, or other issues. 

If you stored a Falk speed reducer or gearbox in conditions that negatively impacted the hardware, we’re here to assist you with unit upgrades, provide replacement parts, and repairs

How to Properly Store Gear Drives

Knowing how to reduce the potential of damaging your hardware while in storage extends how long it will be able to function at peak performance. Ideally, you can store your gearboxes in a clean, dry, and temperature-controlled environment. It’s also best to keep them in an environment that protects them from: 

  • Moisture
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dust 
  • Potential physical damage

It's important to keep Falk gearboxes protected from moisture, extreme temperatures, dust, and potential physical damage.

Below are a few tips on how to store a Falk new or used gearbox. 

4 Storage Tips for Falk Surplus Gearboxes

1. Find a Safe Place to Place Your Gearing

Often, many folks use our repair services after storing Falk gearing in neglected spaces where they are inadvertently exposed to harsh elements, moisture, and dust. The goal here is to: 

  • Place gearing in a clean space with stable temperatures and low humidity
  • Avoid contaminates and unwanted particles
  • Secure a gearbox in a supported and upright position

2. Clean the Gearbox Before Storage

Make sure to thoroughly clean and wipedown the interior and exterior with an appropriate cleaning solution. Read the manufacturers directions on what they use to avoid rust, corrosion, and harmful particles. 

3. Remove & Store Lubricant

Start by draining any lubricant from the gearbox when preparing for storage. Next, store lubricants in a designated indoor place that maintains a cool, dry environment with minimal airborne debris.

4. Cover & Seal the Gearbox

Use a breathable cover and a corrosion resistant coating to further protect your gearing. Avoid leaving it uncovered that allows it to become exposed to unwanted particles and debris. 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC has over 75 years of combined experience selling and restoring Falk gearboxes.

Contact Our Falk Gearbox Distributors Today

Falk leads the industry by providing the most resilient and best gearboxes on the market. While it’s rare, we understand equipment may require servicing when placed in conditions that don’t follow the manufacturer’s advice. 

If you require assistance with your industrial equipment, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our repair and renewal services. As certified agents for Rexnord’s Industrial Services division, we excel in bringing equipment back to OEM standards. 

What’s more, we also have a wide-ranging inventory, which includes new and used gearboxes and so much more. If you’re looking for a specific part or need additional information on our Falk repair services, simply contact us today. 

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