4 Ways the Power and Energy Industry Uses Surplus Gearboxes

Over the next five years, analysts expect the global industrial gear reducer market to expand at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%. The exploding renewable energy industry will account for most of this growth in the form of increased demand for industrial gearboxes, surplus gear reducers, and replacement parts.The industrial gearbox market continues to grow, year over year.

Three factors are driving the increased growth of the power and energy industry:

  • Declining cost to generate wind power
  • Growing government support for renewable energy sources
  • Depleting fossil fuel reserves

Falk Gearboxes Drive Productivity

The power and energy industry uses surplus gearboxes in a variety of applications to produce turbine-generated electricity. Renewable energy equipment solutions require gearboxes to:

  • Generate electric power from wind turbines
  • Convert water movement to power in hydro turbines
  • Generate electric power with gas turbines
  • Generate electric power in thermal energy plants

Wind and hydro turbines represent the primary area of growth in the need for gearboxes, but generators that operate on fossil fuels also require durable, premium gear reducers to operate. 

Wind Turbines

At present, the renewable energy business still relies significantly on the use of fossil fuels. However, initiatives to stabilize and curb carbon emissions are preparing the industry for a dramatic shift in power generation.

The durable design of Falk gearboxes makes them an essential component in translating the kinetic power of the wind into electricity generation. Gear reducers increase rotor speed to the high speeds needed to generate power.

Hydropower TurbinesThe demand for electric power is at an all-time peak.

Unlike wind turbines, hydropower turbines use low pressure to convert flow energy contained in water into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy in a generator. 

Hydropower turbine gearboxes change the low turbine speed into a very high generator speed. They also convert the turbine’s torque output and transmit it to the generator. The high speed and extreme transmission ratio result in particularly high loads on the rolling bearings. 

Gas Turbines

The accessory drive gearbox is an essential component of gas turbine engines. Although not part of the main engine, the accessory drive gearbox powers the fuel pump and other accessories that are essential for the engine’s operation. They receive energy from the central shaft linking the engine’s turbine and compressor sections. 

Accessory drives in gas turbine engines drive essential equipment such as fuel pumps, air compressors, sensor drives, and more.

Thermal Power Electricity

As the world population increases and countries undergo rapid urbanization, electric power demand is at an all-time peak. In response, thermal power stations are utilizing advanced technologies in an effort to meet demand and the need for turbine gearboxes for thermal power is increasing as well.

Gearboxes alter turbine speeds in sync with the generator machines and transmit power to the connected power grid. 

Falk Gearboxes for the Power & Energy Industry

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