Global Industrial Gear Reducer Market Will Electrify the Power Industry Through 2025

The global industrial gear reducer market is geared up for some shocking developments through the next five years. The market is expected to grow over 5% from now to 2025, with the majority of this growth coming from the increasing demand for gearboxes, gear reducers, and gearbox parts to support the growing renewable energies industry.

Significant Highlights of Industry Growth

It is expected that the demand for more sources of renewable energy will drive the explosive growth of gearboxes over the next half decade. At present, the energy industry is still dominated by the use of fossil fuels. However, new and rising initiatives for renewable resources in order to stabilize and curb carbon emissions is setting the stage for a dramatic shift in power generation. 


Wind energy forms a significant part of the growth of gearboxes in the industry. The energy is generated from a wind turbine which uses gearboxes to convert the kinetic industry from the spinning of the turbine into electricity. The gearbox is used to increase the rotational speed from the low-speed rotor to the high speeds needed to generate electricity. 

As fossil fuel reserves continue to decline, renewable sources of power generation will become more and more lucrative. The cost of wind power generation continues to drop as the technology improves exponentially. Additionally, many countries are becoming more and more sensitive toward environmental issues and are supporting green energy initiatives by providing financial incentives for the creation of wind turbines and renewable energy. 

Between 2006 and 2018, the installations of wind power generation increased from just 14.86 GW to 591 GW. This trend has continued and is expected to grow over the next five years. The majority of the growth comes from the lowering cost of the materials used in the wind turbines, including in the wind turbine gearboxes.

How Wind Turbines use Falk Gearboxes

Falk gearboxes have many uses in a wind turbine, forming an essential component in the transmission of power from the kinetic power of the wind to the electrical generator. It does so by increasing the speed of the rotation of the rotor.

wind-turbine-energy-productionThe rotor moves at slower speeds than is needed for power generation. A Falk gearbox can increase the speed of the rotations to the high speeds needed to generate power. The variable environmental conditions and changes in torque can mean that the wind turbine must be able to withstand many stressors. 

A Falk gearbox is perfect, as its durable design, quality replacement parts, and ease of maintenance means that it has the endurance and strength to ensure continuous and smooth operation.

A wind turbine typically uses a three-stage gearbox. The first stage uses a planetary drive, which is able to handle high torque. The other two stages use helical gears, with developments in these gears allowing for higher gear contact rations and lower noise and vibrations.

A Falk gearbox specialist will analyze the load cases, which measure the load on the gearbox over a period of time, in order to develop a maintenance and replacement plan. The torque generated by the roto creates power, which applies force to the drive train. Therefore the Falk gearbox specialist will need to ensure that the gearbox can support the loads without any misalignments of the gears. If a gearbox fails the turbine must be taken offline and replaced. This can spell a costly delay of several weeks.

Falk Gearboxes for Power & Energy Industry Equipment Solutions

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