7 Ways Falk Gear Reducers Keep the Mining Industry Moving

You can find a Falk gearbox in just about any machine in the mining industry. Able to withstand the harsh operating conditions that mining equipment must endure, Falk gearboxes offer a potent combination of high torque and endurance. Let’s take a look at some of the common applications in which you can expect to find a Falk gearbox.

Heavy Conveyor Belts

Ore must be moved out of the mine to where it is being processed, and heavy conveyor belts perform the job. They must be able to haul heavy loads over miles of terrain, meaning that speed is sacrificed for reliable torque to continually move the ore. 

A gearbox that can deliver steady torque output without taking up too much space is ideal for this application. Falk offers a shaft mounted reducer that can neatly deliver the needed torque without taking up more room than necessary. Additionally, Falk gearboxes and surplus gear reducers are designed to be easily maintained.

Mining Crushers

types-of-crushers-used-in-mining-industryAn ore crusher also needs a lot of torque in order to perform its job of crushing rock into smaller pieces to allow easy access to the ore. There are four types of crushers that are typically used by the mining industry:

  • Jaw Crushers, which apply pressure to gradually reduce the size of the rock, similarly to a nutcracker.
  • Cone Crushers, which crush the material as it travels through the conical shape of the crusher, breaking it down into smaller and smaller sizes.
  • Impactors, which use force to crush the rock into smaller pieces. These can be horizontal hammers or vertical shaft impactors. 

Bulk Materials Handling

Systems that handle the material produced by crushers will have a gearbox in them that must be maintained and be made from reliable materials. A Falk gearbox is engineered to operate continuously under harsh environments and is perfect for these vital parts of any mining operation. 

A shut down or slowdown of any part of the bulk materials handling gear systems can halt an entire plant. Falk combines thermal efficiency, mounting, and sealing systems to maintain high performance under rigorous conditions. 


Some operations may require the use of a mill to grind down their product into finer powder. A mill requires a gearbox that can deliver steady strong torque under extreme pressures. A Falk gearbox for the mining industry has the ability to provide the power needed to create fine powders from tough ore.

Pyro Processing

Pyro processing is a process in which high temperatures are used to change a material chemically or physically. This is commonly used in cement manufacturing where the raw material is fed into a kiln where it is heated to temperatures over 800 degrees celsius. This is often the most energy intensive part of the process and a gearbox is required to help feed the material into and out of the kiln.



An excavator is used to drill shafts for rock blasting, or to drive piles with a pile driver. They have multiple gearboxes that have to be tough enough to endure long periods of operation, extreme weather, and other environmental hazards like dust, mud, and contaminants. 

Slurry Handling

A slurry drive must have superior fluid sealing solutions in addition to providing the torque needed to perform exceptionally, even in a wet environment. A slurry pump gearbox or an agitator or mixer gearbox should be designed to meet the application’s requirements and be maintained to prevent breakdowns.

No matter what application you might have, NW Industrial Sales, LLC can provide you with Falk surplus gear reducers, power transmissions, and gearboxes for the mining industry.

Durable & Dependable Falk Gear Reducers & More for the Mining Industry

Not only does our team have 70 plus combined years of experience in the industry, our partnership with Rexnord gives our clients access to Rexnord’s nationwide network for repair, remanufacturing, and predictive maintenance. If you are looking for obsolete Falk gearbox parts, we have extensive inventory that ensures we have the Falk products or fluid sealing solutions you need. Contact us today for assistance 24/7.

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