6 Ways the Mining Industry Uses Surplus Gearboxes

The mining industry relies heavily upon force and action for operations. Due to this very reason, it cannot perform without power transmission equipment that is not only robust, but also reliable. The equipment must have the torque that mining operations demand, in order to survive the drastic environmental conditions and stand firm under heavy loads. This is where surplus gearboxes play a vital role. 

Gearboxes, or gear reducers, function behind the scenes in every mining operation. Their durability and reliability ensure the entire operation runs without the slightest glitch. 

Any mining industry professional knows that interruptions in the power transmission can cost a company a great deal of money and time. Any single break, starting from the point of product extraction to the final drive on the conveyor belt, can halt the entire process. Falk gearboxes work to help the mining industry overcome its many operational challenges and ensure that repairs are not a continuous obstruction.

There are several common challenges in mining operations, including having to work in harsh environments, machine clogging, and more.

Common Challenges in Mining Operations

Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges that the mining industry must work through to ensure smooth operations.

  • Working under severe environments and harsh weather conditions. Extreme temperatures contribute to shortening the lifespan of seals, lubricants, and bearings. 
  • Drastic speed alterations. This leads to exerting undue stress and causing faster wear and tear of the industrial gearbox.
  • Clogging. Powder and dust tend to clog up the bearings, gears, and seals. 

How Surplus Gear Reducers Boost the Mining Industry 

There are a few essentials, like industrial gearboxes and Falk gearbox parts, that keep the wheels of the mining industry moving. As we mentioned above, mining operations are fraught with challenges and they rely heavily on the surplus gear reducers to keep their machines running strong. 

Select any random machinery belonging to the mining industry and you’re sure to spot a Falk gearbox working actively in it. Considering the kind of extraordinary power and force that most mining operations demand, one can easily see why Falk gear reducers are the backbone of mining. 

Let’s take a look at some primary applications below that make this component a favorite.

1) Crushers

There are three types of mining crushers that rely heavily on torque for crushing rocks into smaller pieces. This is a vital step because it helps miners easily reach the ore, which is not an easy task.

  • Impactors come in the shape of vertical shafts or horizontal hammers, but they need industrial gearboxes to forcefully crush the rocks. 
  • Cone crushers have a conical shape, which crushes the rock material as it passes through it. 
  • Gearboxes also lend force to jaw crushers, which exert pressure on the rock until it splits into smaller pieces. 

2) Heavy Conveyor Belts

Heavy conveyor belts play an active role in transporting the ore out of the mine for further processing. Since the journey spans miles of rough terrain, the belts have to haul heavy loads. In doing so, they depend on reliable torque to keep the ore moving. 

NW Industrial Sales’ gearboxes ensure a steady output of torque while occupying less space. With the shaft-mounted reducer that Falk offers, it becomes possible to carefully deliver the necessary torque within a compact space. 

Moreover, Falk and surplus gearboxes specifically include a design that guarantees easy maintenance.

3) Bulk Materials 

Mining requires systems to be in place to handle the outpouring of materials the crushers will produce.  The advantage of Falk gearboxes is that their engineering guarantees seamless operations under the harshest environments, too. 

Falk gearboxes are essentially a more substantial part of the mining operation because they prevent slowdown or shutdown of handling systems. If the handling systems for bulk materials collapse at any point, they will invariably shut the entire plant down. 

But, thanks to Falk’s combination of sealing and mounting systems and thermal efficiency, one can count on high performance even under seemingly impossible conditions.

4) Excavators

Excavators must have surplus gearboxes that are robust enough to withstand extended operational periods.

These are machines that facilitate rock blasting. They do so by drilling shafts or using a pile driver to drive piles. To fulfill this purpose, the excavators must have surplus gearboxes that are robust enough to withstand the extended operational periods. 

The gear reducers must also be reliable in prevailing extreme weather, while combating environmental elements like contaminants, mud, and dust. 

5) Pyro Processing 

Pyro processing smartly uses high temperatures to transform materials, both physically and chemically. If you ever observe the processes of cement manufacturing, you will note that pyro processing is actively at work. 

You can see this in action when the raw material goes into a kiln that’s heated to more than 800 degrees Celsius. Gearboxes facilitate this energy-intensive process by assisting in feeding the material in and out of the kiln.

6) Grinding 

Grinding is a common part of many mining processes. You will most typically see a mill performing these tasks to turn a given material into fine powder. However, it cannot do so until a gearbox delivers the powerful torque that will help the mill withstand extreme pressures. 

Ore is a tough substance and it demands equipment that has sufficient power to break it down into a fine powdery form. And, nothing can execute this better than a Falk gearbox. 

Industrial Gearboxes for the Mining Industry 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC is an agent of Rexnord, and we have access to a nationwide network for repair, predictive maintenance, and remanufacturing. We also have a vast inventory to fulfill your mining needs and ensure seamless operations. 

From Falk gearbox distributors, Falk gearbox parts, and gearboxes to power transmissions and fluid sealing solutions, we’re here to assist you. Our team has over 75 years of experience working with a wide range of industries that has given us the knowledge to provide you with exactly what you need. View our inventory of gearboxes to see what you may be missing, and reach out to one of our specialists today to get you on track with the right gear. 

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