5 Fluid Sealing Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Over the next five years, oil and gas processing seal revenue is expected to grow by upwards of 2 percent. To meet the increased demand, fluid sealing product manufacturers are focusing on innovations in terms of design and efficiency. 

NW Industrial Sales, LLC has been serving the oil and gas industry for decades. Our expert team understands that having top-of-the-line fluid sealing products is critical for the refinement process. We offer a wide range of solutions that meet stringent requirements and provide the highest level of operational efficiency.

Read on for insights into our products and their benefits.

Best Fluid Sealing Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Companies across the world trust NW Industrial Sales, LLC for their fluid sealing product needs. Our comprehensive inventory ensures your business will find exactly the solution it needs.

Metallic gaskets are the perfect solution when your application requires a strong, stable seal.

Metal Gaskets

Metallic gaskets are the perfect solution when your application requires a strong, stable seal. Lamons manufactures metallic gasket types used in pressures
from 1,500 psi to 15,000 psi. Gaskets include the oval
and octagonal gasket, BX ring gasket, Bridgeman gasket, pressure-activated gasket, and the delta gasket.

Rubber Sealing Solutions

Sheet rubber gaskets are versatile and offer a variety of benefits. They can easily be customized to fit the needs of many applications. In addition, sheet rubber gaskets can withstand a range of temperatures and pressures and are easily maintained and installed.

Alloy Stainless Fasteners

When looking for fasteners, you should first consider the application in which they will be used. Stainless steel is an iron alloy that includes elements like nickel, carbon, silicon, and manganese, which are added to determine the metal’s hardness, flexibility, and tensile strength. 

Each fastener material has certain qualities, like strength, corrosion resistance, and more. Some of the beneficial attributes of stainless steel fasteners include enhanced corrosion properties at an affordable price. 

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals can reduce daily maintenance.

Mechanical seals have several benefits for applications that require the prevention of contaminants during the use of rotating machines. Mechanical seals are used to seal a rotating shaft as it enters the housing of the centrifugal compressor. A mechanical seal prevents gases from escaping in areas with motion between the shaft and the housing.

Mechanical seals can reduce daily maintenance, as they have inboard springs that self-adjust as the faces wear. The seals also have lightly loaded faces, which consume less power than gland packing. Contamination is also reduced in regular operation as the lubricant is not affected by seal leakage and wash out.

Mechanical Packing

This fluid sealing product can seal valve stems and shafts of reciprocating compressors. Valves are a significant source of emissions due to their high usage, and modern high-fiber sealing helps to keep their emission levels very low.

Quality Fluid Sealing Products for the Oil & Gas Industry 

If you are looking for a sealing solutions distributor, look to NW Industrial Sales, LLC. We carry a robust inventory of fluid sealing solutions and have 75 combined years of experience in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, marine, grain, paper and pulp, and more. 

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