Gearbox Repair: Failure Due to Overloading

As technicians, we’ve seen every cause of gearbox failure and one of the most common is overloading. The most effective ways to avoid costly manufacturing downtime include predictive maintenance and having access to a gearbox repair service in case of emergencies.

Let’s take a deep dive into the overloading and how to avoid it.

What is Gearbox Overloading? 

Falk gearboxes lead the industry as the most resilient and durable speed reducers because they are engineered to function in challenging environments and in heavy-duty applications. Still, a speed reducer can become overburdened if it reaches its maximum torque and load capacity. When that happens, it could damage the equipment’s internal parts, cause safety issues, and more. 

5 Reasons a Gear Reducer Becomes Overloaded

A Falk gearbox doesn’t become overloaded unless it’s stressed to its limits. Therefore, our Falk repair technicians decided it was best to share relevant scenarios they’ve encountered to shed more light on this subject. Let’s look at a few situations that can lead to gearbox overloading: 

Gearboxes overload when they reach maximum torque and load capacity.

1) Excess Loads

Exceeding the load limit of a gearbox is often the primary cause of gearbox failures. Remembering that the motor’s power and speed determine the gearbox’s torque limit is crucial. Changing any of these elements may impact a speed reducer’s effectiveness. 

Overburdening a speed reducer can also wear down the equipment’s bearings, shafts, and other essential parts or cause increased friction and heat. 

2) Poor Lubrication 

Using the wrong lubricant or inadequate lubrication can harm the gears and bearings, which may cause overloading. Always follow the owner’s manual when deciding on a lubrication product and the proper amount needed to ensure the reducer is running at peak performance. 

3) Lack of Routine Maintenance 

A lack of maintenance doesn’t technically cause overloading, but having a Falk repair servicer who can provide predictive maintenance is paramount to equipment longevity. For example, a professional might discover indications of improper use or replace parts that show wear that would later lead to equipment failure. 

4) Shaft Misalignment

Misalignment can cause excessive force on the shafts, couplings, and other gearbox parts. That results in stress, which leads to wear, eventual breakdown, and potential unit failure. Correct alignment reduces the unexpected burden on the shaft extensions, bearings, and other crucial components.

5) Abrupt Load Changes

Sudden shifts may cause extreme vibrations and stress that generate shock loads by overloading torque capacity and impacting bearings. This happens when machinery stops and starts unexpectedly or when weight distribution becomes uneven. 

Watch for These Signs of Overloading

Knowing how to spot gearbox overloading prevents additional damage, increases operational safety, deters expensive shutdowns, and supports equipment longevity. 

Here our technicians share their expertise on identifying the early signs of overloading:

  • Changes in performance or sudden failures
  • Leakage from seals or gaskets
  • Sudden noise and vibrations 
  • Bearing fatigue like brinelling, pitting, or spalling 
  • And other unusual signs of wear and performance interference 

The Consequences of Overloading 

There are numerous consequences of overloading a gear reducer, including: 

  • Lost revenue from costly manufacturing shutdowns
  • Supply chain troubles
  • Reputational damages
  • Escalated repair costs
  • Employee safety issues

NW Industrial Sales, LLC provides Falk gear drive repair, renewal, and replacement solutions.

This is How To Avoid Complications

Our endorsement of Falk products stems from their unparalleled longevity and robustness. Occasionally, a Falk speed reducer finds its way to our workstations after the equipment becomes over-stressed. 

Establishing a partnership with a reliable Falk gear reducer supplier and repair expert remains the most effective way to extend equipment longevity. We always recommend routine maintenance and replacing any parts that show indications of overloading.

Contact Our Falk Gearbox Distributors & Expert Technicians 

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