What are Falk Shaft Mount Gearboxes?

Shaft mount gearboxes by Falk provide the same excellence as their right angle and parallel speed reducers. Like those types of gearboxes, Falk engineered them to meet various industrial challenges, offer longevity, and function as the best gearing for heavy-duty applications. 

Still, essential distinctions set shaft mount speed reducers apart from other Falk gearboxes. Keep reading to learn what they are, their benefits, and the industries that use them. 

What Does a Shaft Mount Reducer Do? 

Shaft mount gear reducers are ideal for light to medium conveying, belt conveyors, and more.A mounted gearbox includes a protective casing similar to other Falk helical gearing that houses the bearings, brackets, and other components to control speed and torque through the shaft to a motor. Their compact design, high torque output, and efficiency allow the user to maximize power while delivering a higher load capacity.

However, their ability to be mounted directly onto a drive shaft without relying on other parts or structures to support them sets them apart from other shaft arrangements. In turn, more industrial industries depend on this type of gearing because this configuration doesn’t need footed mounting. Instead, one can be attached near a reducer connected to chains and belts or a motor with an adapter or swing base. 

Those distinctions make shaft mount speed reducers ideal for the following applications: 

  • Light to medium conveying
  • Belt conveyors
  • Hoists
  • Classifiers
  • Separators

The Benefits of Shaft Mount Gear Drives

Falk-engineered shaft mount gearboxes to meet the demands of rugged operational challenges. And like their other speed reducers, the gearing provides additional benefits that include: 

Saving space: These helical gears are ideal for applications where space is limited. They can be mounted right on a driven shaft to eliminate unnecessary bulk and help the speed reducer fit in cramped areas.

Designed for perfection: Falk’s industry-leading engineering team perfected the shaft mount reducer by only including the best components and the exact number of parts needed. Those elements reduce the chance of gearbox failure and make finding replacement parts easier. 

Lower installation costs: More companies choose shaft mount gearing to save up to 40% on costs compared to a foot mounted reducer. If you wish to switch from that configuration for the price savings alone, we encourage you to browse our vast inventory of Falk gearing.

Built for efficiency: Shaft mount gear drives have become the gold standard for transmitting mechanical power while mitigating energy loss. Subsequently, they’ve become universally used in equipment that demands consistency, such as belt conveyors, classifiers, separators, and other light to medium-duty equipment.

NW Industrial Sales, LLC are Falk shaft mount gearbox sales and repair experts.

Industries That Depend on Shaft Mount Gearboxes

These gearboxes are versatile and can be adapted to various applications, making them a valuable component in many industrial processes where the transmission of power, speed control, and torque adjustment are required. Their flexibility and ease of installation often make them a preferred choice in these industries.

Mining Industry

Mining equipment such as crushers and conveyor systems need long-lasting gearboxes with high torque that can fit within tight spaces. Shaft mount gearboxes by Falk meet those demands by being resilient, compact, and adaptable while moving or crushing high volumes of earth material. 

Power & Energy Industry

Wind, gas, and hydro turbines use mounted shaft gear drives to make power generation more efficient. Thermal power electricity plants also depend on Falk gearing for the same reason. What’s more, the increasing demand for wind energy means a higher dependence on gearboxes within this industry. 

Chemical & Refinery Industry 

Equipment in this industry requires specific gearboxes that can easily be attached to a particular application. The speed reducer also needs to be durable, reliable, and corrosion-resistant. Falk products excel in the chemical and refinery industry by checking off all of those boxes. 

Manufacturing Industry 

Gearboxes offer end-to-end support throughout manufacturing, starting with conveyors on the assembly line and ending at the delivery point by powering the vehicle that transports what’s assembled. Generally, most light to medium conveyor systems depend on shaft mount gearboxes. 

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